A comparison of mercy and justice

Email I would like to direct your attention, my brethren and sisters, to the principles of mercy and justice.

A comparison of mercy and justice

Laws are written in order to protect people from harm or unfairness. Justice is an idea that people call for when they feel they have When discussing the matters of the law, one must accept what is written in the law books which are accepted by the people or rulers of the country.

A comparison of mercy and justice

Justice is an idea that people call for when they feel they have been treated unfairly and want the law to fix the problems between two factions. Mercy is a gift of forgiveness not truly understood or given easily.

Along these lines of thinking enters Shylock who demands justice but is asked to give mercy. The irony comes in when a person who thinks that the law is on his side forgets mercy and demands justice. Justice systems would lose the trust of the people if it handed out mercy all of the time. The only way that justice can be satisfied is if payment for any contract is paid.

This is why Portia gave Bassanio permission to offer 6, ducats!

A comparison of mercy and justice

She thought that any man would be willing to accept double the contract and release Antonio from the contract. Only if Shylock had dropped the case could the law back away from executing itself.

If Venitian law had not demanded that no blood should be shed, then Shylock would have had his justified way. The only two ways that Justice can be satisfied is if the contract is paid or if the petitioner drops the charges.

Justice has claim over all who must obey the law.The Justice is the process of performing the action what the offender, sinner or criminal actually deserves.

In contrast, the mercy is a special favor what the . The inspired writers of the Bible recorded a remarkable amount of material about two characteristics of God: mercy and justice. These two qualities, at first glance, might seem contradictory.

Can a gracious, merciful God punish people? First, observe a portion of the biblical record of God’s mercy. I loved this SO much.

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• One of the most important differences between mercy and grace is that mercy is a matter of justice whereas grace is not a matter of justice.

• Philosophers and thinkers believe that God alone is capable of showing both grace and mercy to people.

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Mar 22,  · Justice and mercy are two different concepts that are often expressed in the same sentence or phrase. They are seen together but are very different sentiments.

Justice seems harsh and pedantic and is also linked to the judicial system and the righteous laws of the land/5(2). Perhaps not, because justice also isn't the opposite of mercy: if we adopt the premises of virtue ethics as described by Aristotle, we would conclude that mercy lies between the vices of cruelty and uncaring, while justice lies between the vices of cruelty and softness.

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