Application of computers in defferent fields

Share this item with your network: A computer is a device that accepts information in the form of digital ized data and manipulates it for some result based on a program or sequence of instructions on how the data is to be processed.

Application of computers in defferent fields

The computer technology has importance in every field of life. Computers have made a significant impact on our society. It is difficult to imagine our lives without a computer being involved.

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Electronic computers have been around for a relatively short period of time. At home, computers can help us to purchase different things via Internet. We can check our bank balance and pay different utility bills online. Computers are used in making a telephone call, typing a letter and driving a car, cooking food in a microwave oven, and so on.

Computers are found in offices, banks, schools, businesses and in the every field. They are used in banks for record keeping and maintaining accounts of customers. Banking and commerce could not have existed on a large scale without use of computers.

Computers are widely used in banks for calculation purpose. The banks provide ATM card facility to the customer for draw money from any ATM Machine, it has been possible due to the computerized system. Computers have also revolutionized manufacturing processes.

They are used to automate processes in factories. The use of computers in factories has increased productivity and quality of products.

Their use has also reduced production costs.

Application of computers in defferent fields

Computers are used to making the statements, check and balance of employee salaries in factories. In accounting and finance activities, managers are using computer system to estimate revenues and other business activities, find out the best sources and uses of funds, manage cash and other financial resources, analyze investments and perform different reviews to ensure that the organization is going well and that all financial reports and documents are accurate and up-to-date.

As computers can do jobs better and more efficiently, they are replacing workers in offices, businesses and in factories.

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Therefore, many people see computers as a threat to their jobs. However, the use of computers creates many more new jobs relating to design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of computer hardware and software.

Different changes have also taken place through the force of interactive technology, web-cams, video conferencing etc. Now, with the help of the Internet and web-cams a video conference can be set up in which everybody can take part in the meeting without leaving their physical offices.

Computers are used in every field of life. They are used in homes, business, educational institutions, research organizations, and government offices. They are used for a variety of purposes. They are used as typewrites, calculators, accounting systems, record keepers, data processors and even as telecommunication systems.

Following are some examples of uses of computers: Personal computers are used for word processing, maintaining personal records and connecting to the Internet. Our homes also contain many devices that use computer systems. For example, computer system is used in the microwave to control its processes.Computers have different programs used in the field of education.

A program called CBT contains graphics, text and sound used for educating people. Students learn and sit for examinations virtually using computers. In brief: • Information systems and information technology are parts of a broader computer science.

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• Whereas information systems focuses on the system making use of technology, information technology focuses on technology and how it can help in disseminating information.

A computer is a device that accepts information (in the form of digitalized data) and manipulates it for some result based on a program or sequence of instructions on how the data is to be processed.

Complex computers also include the means for storing data (including the program, which is also a form of data) for some necessary duration. Jul 16,  · i think it is important to add that there is a relatively new type of software called Software-as-a-Service or SaaS.

with SaaS, an application service provider provides the software over a network (usually the internet), and the users interface with the application via their web clients.

application of computer in management presentation on “application of computer in various fields” presented by: alok madhav Use of computer in different fields: Use of computer in different fields . Role of Computers in Education The computer technology has a deep impact on education.

Computer education forms a part of the school and college curricula, as it is important for every individual today, to have the basic knowledge of computers.

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