Bendigo bank and corporate social responsibility

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Building high-quality customer experiences with seamless, personalized interactions on every channel Banks offer a wider range of channels than ever—and increasingly, customers want the flexibility to define their own journeys as they move between these channels.

Bendigo bank and corporate social responsibility

A concept documented by Harvard professors and world-leading business strategists, Michael E. Porter and Mark Kramer, Shared Value recognises the intrinsic link between business strategy and community prosperity.

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Accepting the award in Sydney last night, the Bank's Executive, Engagement Innovation, Robert Musgrove said the conversation about how a corporation can address social issues is changing.

Shared Value is something quite different,' Mr Musgrove said. This philosophy is embedded deep in our DNA and we firmly believe it's in the Bank's interest to invest in creating both. The Shared Value award is the latest award to recognise Bendigo and Adelaide Bank's good corporate citizenship.

Background Bendigo Bank's Community Bank model is unlike any other banking model. The Community Bank concept was developed as community angst grew when Australia's major banks reduced their branch presence by about 30 percent in the 's, leaving many regional towns and suburbs without a local banking presence.

This event sowed the seeds for a response to a pressing economic and social need; to retain local capital in the community by restoring a local banking presence.

Bendigo Bank created the Community Bank model with the genuine belief that all Australians are entitled to receive quality banking services, products and specialist financial advice, no matter where they live.

But what began as an alternative banking model has today become a network of people and communities taking greater control of their financial futures, investing something of themselves to shore up the prosperity and sustainability of the place they call home.

Bendigo bank and corporate social responsibility

The model requires partnerships with local people and community enterprises to provide communities with quality banking services, employment opportunities, a local investment option for shareholders, and importantly, a source of revenue for projects determined by local people.

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank provides the banking infrastructure and licensing requirements, while the community runs the branch and generates valuable funds to invest back into their community. See below how the Community Bank model is delivering for Australian communities:The Strategy and Growth Directorate contributes to the long term economic, cultural and social prosperity of our city and region by identifying and supporting investment opportunities, tourism and events, arts and culture activities, employment generation and integrated planning for sustainable growth and environmental best practice.

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Read reviews about sustainability at bendigo and adelaide bank group from past and current graduates and get real insights on what it is like to work at Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Group.

Corporate social responsibility. VACC and takes its corporate social responsibility seriously. Over the last years, VACC has continually extended its association and member goals, to ensure benefits have flowed into local communities.

Socially Responsible Investing - Our Socially Responsible Growth Fund combines environmental, social, and corporate governance standards while striving for strong, long-term returns for investors.

The Bank of Melbourne Assist Team is dedicated to finding solutions for you should you ever face financial hardship. Our team is experienced in assessing the situation and providing information and solutions to help you customers manage your financial obligations with us.

social capital and ecological sustainability. Bendigo Bank to offset carbon emissions _____3 Encouraging solar hot water at Savings & Loans Credit Union _____4 natural next step as it demonstrates the bank's willingness to take responsibility for its emissions.

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