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Background[ edit ] The idea of exploring the effects of the depopulating of the Earth is an old one, having been a regular trope in science fiction novels for decades.

Post-apocalyptic literature in general had often tried to imagine the fate of civilization and its artifacts after the end of humanity.

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Indeed, an extremely popular novel, Earth Abidesportrayed the breakdown of urban systems and structures after a pandemic, through the eyes of a survivor, who muses at the end of the first chapter: That he was left to see.

Before writing it, the author, Alan Weismanhad written four books, including, Gaviotas: He has worked as an international journalist for American magazines and newspapers, and at the time of writing the book was an Associate Professor of Journalism and Latin American Studies at the University of Arizona.

The position required him to teach only one class in the spring semester, and he was free to travel and conduct research the rest of the year. The article raises the prospect of failing power plants, chemical plants, dams, and petroleum tanks. To expand this into a book, Weisman's agent found an editor and publisher at St.

Interviews with academics quoted in the book include biologist E. Wilson on the Korean Demilitarized Zone, [10] archaeologist William Rathje on plastics in garbage, [11] forest botanist Oliver Rackham on vegetative cover across Britain, [12] anthropologist Arthur Demarest on the crash of Mayan civilization[13] paleobiologist Douglas Erwin on evolution, [14] and philosopher Nick Bostrom on Transhumanism.

Each chapter deals with a new topic, such as the potential fates of plastics, petroleum infrastructure, nuclear facilities, and artworks.

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It is written from the point of view of a science journalist with explanations and testimonies backing his predictions. There is no unifying narrative, cohesive single-chapter overview, or thesis.

He interviews biologist E. Wilson and visits with members of the Korean Federation for Environmental Movement at the Korean Demilitarized Zone where few humans have penetrated since He profiles soil samples from the past years and extrapolates concentrations of heavy metals and foreign substances into a future without industrial inputs.

Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere and implications for climatic change are likewise examined. The abandoned city of Pripyatnear Chernobyl With material from previous articles, Weisman uses the fate of the Mayan civilization to illustrate the possibility of an entrenched society vanishing and how the natural environment quickly conceals evidence.

Weisman finds that their structures crumble as weather does unrepaired damage and other life forms create new habitats. In Turkey, Weisman contrasts the construction practices of the rapidly growing Istanbulas typical for large cities in less developed countries, with the underground cities in Cappadocia.

Due to a large demand for housing in Istanbul much of it was developed quickly with whatever material was available and could collapse in a major earthquake or other natural disaster.

He explains that sewers would clog, underground streams would flood subway corridors, and soils under roads would erode and cave in. From interviews with members of the Wildlife Conservation Society [24] and the New York Botanical Gardens [25] Weisman predicts that native vegetation would return, spreading from parks and out-surviving invasive species.

Without humans to provide food and warmth, rats and cockroaches would die off. An abandoned house in a state of collapse Weisman explains that a common house would begin to fall apart as water eventually leaks into the roof around the flashings, erodes the wood and rusts the nails, leading to sagging walls and eventual collapse.

After years, all that would be left would be aluminum dishwasher parts, stainless steel cookware, and plastic handles. In space, the Pioneer plaquesthe Voyager Golden Recordand radio waves would outlast the Earth itself. That scenario, he concludes, is extremely unlikely. Leslie 's The End of the World: While he admits it is a "draconian measure", [29] he states, "The bottom line is that any species that overstretches its resource base suffers a population crash.

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