Consumer promotions a case study of

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Consumer promotions a case study of

If the majority of decisions are made once the consumer is in the shop, browsing the aisles — how do you influence them in that moment? There has been a lot of buzz recently about Amazon GO — an intelligent store without cashiers — but the equipment needed to make this work — motion-tracking sensors and cameras, etc — looks prohibitively expensive for wide scale roll-out.

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So far only one upscale store in Seattle has it. Adobe is trialling a system where brands can reach consumers in real-time through their mobile phones, but the problem with this is that it relies on consumers being happy with Adobe tapping into their mobile devices and making advertising suggestions based on their personal data.

Consumer promotions a case study of

With GDPR looming, along with increasing consumer distrust, I find it hard to believe this system will work effectively. One example that I believe does have mileage is Smartcart — a Finnish technology start-up that offers shoppers a seamless digital platform, not unlike an iPad, that is physically attached to every shopping cart in the store.

It contains all products, prices and availability, will assist with creating an easy to use shopping list — and even suggest recipes based on ingredients. Currently Smartcart operates across 40 cities and over 50 medium and large supermarkets in Finland — but has plans to grow internationally, with a move into Latin America mooted for Now, for full disclosure, I have to declare an interest in all of this.

Earlier this year, along with the Kuulas Helsinki and Sailer research agencies, we carried out the largest digital retail marketing study ever done in Finland. Those most interested in watching video content were women aged between 50 and The study also identified three distinct consumer groups with their own preferences.

Price-conscious consumers are most concerned with finding lower prices, while Determined shoppers are more worried about optimizing the time spent in the store — both of these groups were only receptive to ideas and suggestions that allowed them to meet these specific objectives.

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However, the third group, Experience Seekers, were driven by exploration of new products, recipe ideas, in-store promotions and, most interestingly, inspiring suggestions.

This group actively wants to be fed information that they otherwise would not have. Not surprisingly, this was the group that expressed the most positive reaction to Smartcart. Perhaps this is why Smartcart is currently the best bet for success. It benefits both the customer and the marketer not to mention the shopkeeper.

Customers get useful information when they need and want it most, and marketers get the opportunity to get their message to consumers when they are most likely to be influenced. In my eyes, this is a winning formula — but only time will tell! Joonas Rokka Consumer researcher by training, I am a Finnish associate professor of marketing specialised in studying consumer experiences and culture and how they are mediated, impacted, and shaped through digital media.

In my research I put emphasis on and develop creative audiovisual methods including videography in order to address the complexity of experience including temporality, space, movement, embodiment, affect, and materiality. I was the recipient of The Sidney J. Levy Award for my dissertation research.Executive Summary.

In this fictional case, a vice president of marketing and sales for the cleaning division of a global consumer products company is struggling to make a promotion decision.

Consumer promotions a case study of

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Case study research is the most popular research method for researchers in industrial marketing. However despite a number of attempts the problem of satisfactorily justifying the use of case research remains.

Kroger will soon launch a direct-to-consumer service that offers more than 50, grocery items along with 4, private label products. Kroger Ship will kick off in four cities where Kroger has a. Consumer Promotions: A Case Study of Cadbury's - by Dr. K. S. Chandrasekar & Ms.

Sumi Suresh * Today the share of promotions in the marketing budget of a typical consumer products' company is continually on the rise.

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