Deltas song airline

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Deltas song airline

Deltas song airline

Without much explanation Delta recently announced Song would be dismantled and its flights would become Delta air routes. From the moment I sat in the waiting area for my outbound flight, I noticed a difference.

The brand colors were not a combination of blue, red and white colors used by almost every major airline but an off-green. The waiting area displays had sarcastic jokes in them. And the overhead announcements were entertaining and made me want to smile at the staff Deltas song airline rare feeling for frequent travelers.

This was reflected on the plane: A personality for the ariline was chosen and manifested it in the design of everything, and in the choice and rewards for all staff Begging the question: Who would you want it to be?

How will you get it closer? In order to make something person A loves, you will always make something person B hates. With Song, at first I thought I was a B. When onboard I was miffed at first by the relentlessly happy, cool vibe present in the onboard staff and all the materials the safety warnings are done in song, and acted out by the air crew.

But over the course of the flight, and the return trip I enjoyed it. I was being served by likeable real people, not robots. Television is the flight opiate.

I bring 3 books when I fly. The TV screen on the back of the seat in front of me was an immediate annoyance and I turned it off. I spent most of the flight watching classic football games and the discovery channel one of 20 available.

Never has a flight flown by so fast. The in-flight menu had above average food at reasonable for airports prices. The business confusion over style vs.

Given the drops in experience quality across all airlines, and how unpleasant air travel can be for many, a service focused alternative even at a price seems a business opportunty.Delta’s svp and CMO Tim Mapes, however, argues that the golden era of travel is now, and that the airline’s 80, employees are the key to keeping it that way.

Deltas song airline

Song, Delta Air Lines’ low-fare air service, will begin daily, non-stop service from Seattle to New York’s John F.

Kennedy International Airport on Monday, July 4 as part of a nationwide.

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Song ended up operating at 23 percent to 25 percent lower operating costs than the same plane in what was a traditional Delta configuration. Delta learned a lot from its Song experience. JetBlue has plans for new aircraft Andrew Compart NEW YORK -- The delivery of the first seat Embraer jets to JetBlue sets the stage for major expansion by the airline into markets that.

10 Responses to “The Song airline experience”. David Heller November 22, at am. Permalink. Hi Scott, Funny you should mention this about Song. BTW, probably the biggest reason that Song is being pulled is the bankruptcy of Delta.

ACCY (Fanning) Group Activity #3 DELTA’S NEW SONG: COST ESTIMATION IN THE AIRLINE INDUSTRY Assignment Upper management at Delta Airlines is considering how to forecast salary costs for Delta Song.

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