Drastic company modifications essay

Why do you think it has been so sucsessfull in the fragmentated fuurniture industry? To answer question one I will split the question into three parts. Then goin on to adress why it has been so sucsessfull in the fragmented furniture industry. Ikea has a very unique business model.

Drastic company modifications essay

A recent and rapidly-developing trend among an alarming number of Asian women has become a major focus of attention: Growing numbers of Asian women are relying on artificial procedures to alter sometimes temporarily, sometimes permanently their appearances to fit an unrealistic Western ideal.

At one end of the spectrum are quick cosmetic applications which may or may not have lasting side effects.

At the other end are surgical procedures, ranging from minor to major, all of which pose varying degrees of Drastic company modifications essay. Whatever the procedure from applications of skin-lightening chemicals to permanent changes in tissue and bone structure, one message is very clear: All of these processes from the temporary, relatively benign ones to the riskier, sometimes life-threatening procedures are actively promoted by the fashion industry.

Drastic company modifications essay

Ubiquitous advertisements link professional and personal success to women with Western, or Caucasian, features, along with a not-so-subtle message that to succeed, one must follow this Western paradigm. Furthermore, these procedures are tacitly condoned by a society which allows them to proliferate a society which allows its members to fall victim to these pressures to conform to an ideal of beauty that is unrealistic, unattainable, and of questionable worth.

In their attempts to achieve this goal, Asian women risk physical health, mental well-being, and financial security often to the detriment of the lives of the friends and family who surround them.

This dangerous trend must be put to an end, and that will not happen while the fashion industry continues to promote the value of Caucasian features to non-Caucasian individuals, particularly women. This paper will explore the factors that cause Asian women to feel pressured to conform to the Western ideal of beauty, as well as the cosmetic and surgical procedures they resort to in this pursuit.

Finally, it will explore the complex issues raised by these societal pressures, and suggest that the key to change lies within the psyche of the Asian woman.

A Historical Perspective Modification of the female body is nothing new; women have willed themselves to meet the prevailing modes to satisfy societal standards for years. Body modification has been practiced in a number of ways and for a variety of reasons since ancient times; it has existed on many levels for thousands of years.

Historical evidence suggests that, as many as 20, years ago, red dye extracted from hematite was used to paint and decorate the body. After that, archaeological evidence proves that as many as 10, years ago, parts of animal bones, animal teeth, and colourful stones were used as adornments.

The first hair grooming objects appear to have been combs, the earliest of which date back to nearly 5, years ago. As for mirrors, ancient people observed their image as it was reflected in pools of water. This, however, changed when the first mirror is believed to have been invented, approximately 4, years ago Yaghmaie, Society has progressed since those early days.

One need only turn on the television or leaf through a magazine to be bombarded with all kinds of advertisements for body modification. Chemical treatments can straighten hair and change skin tone and texture. Surgical procedures can decrease or more often augment breast size.

Unwanted fat can be removed in any number ways, ranging from dietary changes to liposuction. Some signs of ageing can be temporarily reversed with injections of Botox; others can be permanently altered, again through surgery.

Body Modification Across Cultures Today in the Western world, body modification is widely practiced in all classes of society, often as a result of societal pressure to achieve perfection. However, this is not an issue unique to Western cultures: Hence, we see that Asian cultures are just as immune to societal pressures to conform.

Lisa Takeuchi Cullen points out that in the past, Asia had lagged behind the West in catching the plastic surgery wave, held back by cultural hang-ups, arrested medical skills and a poorer consumer base.

However, it is now clear that cosmetic surgery is enjoying increasing popularity. In Taiwan, a million procedures were performed last year, double the number from five years ago. In Korea, surgeons estimate that at least one in10 adults have received some form of surgical upgrade and even tots have their eyelids done.

The government of Thailand has taken to hawking plastic surgery tours. Thus, Asian women, including those living in their native countries as well as those in the Western world, have begun to respond in increasing numbers to the pressures of fashion.Dec 13,  · Supply Chain Management Essays (Examples) factors pertaining to product returns and RL can help identify areas in manufacturing and supply chain management where modifications to.

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Drastic company modifications essay

Sterilization is both more drastic and less necessary than the other procreative choices available. Although there are various family planning procedures that offer lesser bodily modifications and lesser risks, sterilization is commended due to its permanence and safety.

Just send your request for getting no plagiarism essay. Order here. Essay Drastic Company Modifications Just as people go through crisis or change, at some point in their life, so do all organizations. At some point in time a company will have an issue arise that may require drastic modification to their current operating environment.

Drastic Company Modifications Essay example - Just as people go through crisis or change, at some point in their life, so do all organizations.

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At some point in time a company will have an issue arise that may require drastic modification to their current operating environment. This could be anything from offering an initial public offering or.

Free Essay: Just as people go through crisis or change, at some point in their life, so do all organizations. At some point in time a company will have an.

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