Fashion industry of pakistan

Pakistan is now known to be one of the leading fashion hubs of Asia. A noticeable number of Pakistani designers have successfully showcased their creations on international fashion platforms and have been appreciated for the effort, craft and design they put in their pieces.

Fashion industry of pakistan

In Pakistan, fashion industry is playing a vital role by appealing many trends that reveal in form of color, designs and stuff. Pakistan Fashion industry is rapidly moving with good pace, Conventional cloth buying has become fad by replacing this move with multiple brands work, who are involved in creating new trends, designs, textures. Sana Safinaz absolutely a big name of fashion industry of Pakistan, and always present latest fashion techniques and style to there customers. On this winter season this brand launched another anthology which is Sana Safinaz Winter Collection ,Let’s have complete appraise of . Why the fashion industry of Pakistan cannot compete with western industry? According to the latest census, population of Pakistan is about M. 64% of the population dwells in the rural areas.

Share Tweet Fashion trends of pakistan Sincepakistani fashion industry has taken the country by storm with its inspiring passion and gifted talent. So much so that we have managed to make a name in the foreign market for our beautiful intricate skills within our cultural territory.

Shalwar kameez has been our cultural dress since From long lehengas to short kurtis to long shirts and chooridar, pakistani fashion has experienced all the phases.

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However one thing has remained the same- unique designs and traditional embellishments with a hint of the vast local art in all of the patterns. Here are some of the boutiques that I adore. Sapphire The sudden hype that sapphire brought was worth it.

I like buying unstitched lawn shirts and cut-pieces due to their high quality and affordable prices. I usually buy lawn Kurtis from Generation due to the huge variety and simple yet alluring colors. They have beautifully incorporated the cultural symbols into something trendy. I have been ordering a lot from this boutique especially the Kurtis.

Beech tree The simple yet elegant styles have been my favorite for the summer time. If you wish to know more about Pakistan and its fashion world, check out my article on Qirat Baber- karachis famous MUA and fashion queen.One of the most relied upon names in the fashion industry.

Farida is one of the first mainstream fashion designers in Pakistan. She is now a household name and . Pakistan Fashion Industry.

Fashion Industry in Pakistan - Zartsh Pakistan

likes · 1 talking about this. A complete list of Pakistani top designers and top brands. Page is published for Pakistan. Welcome to Fashion Revolution Pakistan! We are a team of marketing gurus, fashion experts and media professionals aiming to create conversation and action around the transparency brands practice within the fashion industry locally and internationally.

Pakistan's industrial sector accounts for about 24% of GDP. Cotton textile production and apparel manufacturing are Pakistan's largest industries, accounting for about 66% of the merchandise exports and almost 40% of the employed labour force.

Cotton and cotton-based products account for 61% of export earnings of Pakistan. The consumption of .

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The media industry, today, is a mixture of rubbish and quality in my opinion. The industry before was very limited, but it produced quality when it comes to entertainment.

Pakistan Television being the primary source of media provided fascina. Pakistan Fashion industry if growing very fast, there are some latest trends in Pakistan's fashion industry.

Fashion industry of pakistan

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Fashion Industry in Pakistan - Zartsh Pakistan