Frc business plan examples

A public high school, Tech High attracts students from all over Sonoma County. With a capacity of students in 9th through 12th grades, the curriculum is designed to be project-based as well as cross-curricular which fosters teamwork, requires creation of products and makes a connection between school, work and the world at large. Working together as a team with mentors students gain practical knowledge in writing and implementing a business plan, manufacturing, programming, digital media, fundraising, web design, public speaking and many other life skills as they compete with over 40, other high school students at 45 regional events worldwide.

Frc business plan examples

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Our vision is to see lives inspired and transformed through the use of knowledge and hands on projects based on science and technology. Our team is composed of 1 sophomore, 4 juniors, and 5 seniors, and in this group there are 2 females and 8 males.

Our school and students are located in a very rural area. Cedarville Schools is one building that fits grades k There are less than kids in the entire school. The graduating class this year is 21 students. Currently, our team has two teacher mentors who teach in the high school.

One of those teachers is a math teacher who also has an educational background in computer science and programming. The other teacher is a science teacher with a background in applied science.


Currently, we are pursuing additional mentors and sponsors from our community and beyond. Our goals for this year are quite simple.

It is to build a robot that can compete and cooperate with other robots at the highest level possible, and to have fun while doing it. We also want to gain as much knowledge as possible, by partnering with businesses and mentors.

This knowledge and experience will help our team members in their pursuit of further education and STEM related career opportunities. Likewise, our team deems it important for the community to gain knowledge and interact with our FIRST robotics team.

We plan to increase awareness and participation through having an online presence, community projects, and outreach beyond our local community. This would not only help FIRST by increasing awareness of their organization, but it will help people see the positive outcomes of this program.

It was founded in by U. Last year we even did a demonstration at the local headstart by showing the kids how to use Lego robots letting them play with them. Last spring, our team demonstrated the robot at our middle school honors banquet so that parents and students could get an understanding for what FIRST is about.

frc business plan examples

We also had several events that we participated in last summer. Some members of Yooper Troopers had a display booth at Frog Fest a local environmental festival displaying a drone Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and to show how the R. We also demonstrated our robot to our Middle School summer students of In addition, a demonstration was open to the community during the school year.

Tourism, in Cedarville, is a central focus of the economy, and many residents are summer residents. Many of these summer residents, while not here during most of the school year are still involved in community outreach and school activities.

Summer of consisted of being in the parade with the robot from last year. Down at the football field demonstrations were held.

Afterwards anyone who wanted to were allowed to drive it for a short time.

frc business plan examples

Meanwhile, we passed out contact information and sponsor letters to raise awareness. We are planning on presenting our robot to the community in an effort to acquire more sponsors and mentors for our team in the future.

Members of the Yooper Troopers work with and are associated with the businesses in our town and plan to contact those businesses and organizations in an effort to form partnerships with them. For example, we are collaborating with the Brimley Deceptors.

We even did a joint demonstration with the Sue Saint Marie Instigators.FRC, the "Varsity Sport for the Mind," focuses on large-scale design and fabrication of a complex robot. Students gain valuable engineering skills as well as effective project management experience through working with technical mentors.

Appendix 3 FIRST Team 68 Truck Town Thunder Business Plan Risks and Actions Plan Risks and Actions The following is a disaster recovery plan for potential situations that might have severe implications for team continuity.

Team Grant Example - " Cargill Volunteer Award" Crowdfunding Overview Webinar ; Crowdfunding with Teams Webinar; Team Crowd Funding Campaign Team Interviews; Piggybackr Blog Post - Fundraising for Robotics Teams ; SECTION 8 - FUNDRAISING EXAMPLES & BEST PRACTICES - Shares examples of successful fundraising ideas created by veteran teams.

Oct 21,  · SECTION 1 – FUNDRAISING PLAN - First step towards completing a fundraising & business plan.. Section - Team Fundraising Plan Overview Team Fundraising Plan Webinar ; Team Fundraising Plan Examples: Urban FIRST Robotics Competition Team ; Rural FRC Team ; Suburban FRC Team A strategic plan can be made a bit easier than the more detail oriented business plan (see below).

A Long Range Strategic Plan (LRSP) is a useful tool in setting, measuring, and maintaining long term goals and your success as a team in meeting those goals.

FRC, the "Varsity Sport for the Mind," focuses on large-scale design and fabrication of a complex robot. Students gain valuable engineering skills as well as effective project management experience through .

FIRST Robotics / Yooper Troopers' Business Plan