Hlf project business plan guidance residential

We will create a level of trust with our customers, so that they are comfortable knowing that our pricing structure will be money well spent on their dream-home remodels. Learn more about this plan. Construction Business Plan Fosse Commercial Contractors, an established general contractor, plans expansion, changing target markets from residential to commercial building projects. The company has successfully operated in the area for the past ten years working on both small and large scale construction, repair, and alteration projects focusing on residential contracting.

Hlf project business plan guidance residential

The adjacent Sam Wanamaker Theatre was constructed at the same time, and presented a historically accurate indoor space where plays could be staged year-round. Authenticity of seventeenth century architecture was a key aspect in the recreation of the theatre, including the necessity for all performances to be lit completely by candles.

The Fire Surgery was tasked with mitigating the risks associated with the unique candle-lit building. Design challenges of the project included: G1 Architecture Images courtesy of G1 Architecture click for images Robert Hooke Science Centre, Westminster School Built in the early s, this building typifies many existing buildings located in inner London, having been occupied by a number of different users and undergone various refurbishments across its lifetime.

Currently occupied by the prestigious Westminster School for use as a science centre, an extension additional floor and part refurbishment scheme has recently been proposed for the building, with The Fire Surgery being appointed to develop a fire strategy that ensures consistency between the existing fire safety arrangements in the building and the new areas being constructed.

Of particular importance has been the fire service access strategy; despite being over 18m in height, due to the age of the building and existing restrictions imposed by its structure, a modern day fire fighting shaft cannot be provided. A pragmatic solution, including the provision of a bespoke lift for fire service use is being implemented to improve on the existing condition and to provide facilities that can be safely and practically used by the fire service in the event of an emergency.

The Fire Surgery provided fire safety advice on not only the integration of this temporary structure with the existing fire systems of the Royal Festival Hall but also considered all aspect of fire evacuation from this rooftop venue for both abled and disabled visitors to the Cube. The exciting plans replace a number of tired and decrepit buildings with new and exciting architecture inspired by the theatrical nature of the site and the local history of the conservation area.

The fire strategy addressed complexed issues such as mixed used occupancies, shared escape cores, fire fighting access, and facilities within a confined site. The scheme by Soho Estates and Soho House seeks to reinstate the original Kettner's restaurant to its former glory and create new rooms of sleeping accommodation above.

The original Soho House club will also undergo major refurbishment works to provide new club spaces for members.

Alongside the refurbishment and reinstatement of the historic perimeter buildings, a new infill pavilion will be added in the centre of the site allowing all service spaces to be relocated outside the listed buildings and a full restoration to be undertaken.

Ground floor operations include four restaurants and a new club entrance. The Fire Surgery was commissioned to develop the fire strategy for this complex development with a particular challenge in designing the smoke venting and suppression system in the basement levels.

The keys 5 star hotel has a presidential suite, an executive suite and 4 VP suites, a large ballroom with meeting facilities, a spa and health club, infinity pool looking over the Lagoon, an executive lounge and a speciality restaurant to offer a unique experience for the tourist and business customer.

The fire engineering was designed using Marriott Hotel and NFPA guidance to enable a two core desing serving hotel rooms and conference facilities.

hlf project business plan guidance residential

Challenges of the project included developing a safe evacuation strategy utilising existing escape stairs, which discharge through a common entrance hall with fireplace, which could not be kept sterile. Dmonstrating that existing construction provided a sufficient level of fire resistance, sufficiently justifying the use of existing heritage listed doors, without alteration, as part of escape stair enclosures, and creating evacuation management procedures to mitigate the need for modern exit signs within historic spaces.

A successful fire strategy was developed to address all of these challenges, through use of modern fire engineering techniques. The nationally important Grade-I-listed building, designed by Sir John Soane and George Dance the Younger, will be sensitively restored and transformed into a world-class museum.

Being situated within Walpole Park, the fire fighting access was challenging and a more bespoke solution was sought in collaboration with the Ealing Fire Brigade. The project involves the significant refurbishment and repair of this Grade II listed public building while allowing its operations in the west side to continue successfully.

The East Court was once a grand exhibition space, part of a wider experience of promenade and spectacle so beloved of the Victorian public. The 19th century theatre, dark for over eighty years, bears a highly atmospheric patina of age.

Finally the BBC Studios gave birth in to a technology that was to change the world — high definition television. The fire strategy not only requires the intregration of the refurbished elements of the projects but also the existing operating spaces such as the Ice Rink, BBC office tower and Great Hall.

Using fire engineering to assess travel distances and the potential evacuation times of people from the site, a bespoke solution and practical emergency plan has been developed and implemented, cognisant of the modern standards and expectations imposed under the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order The Festival Wing project involves the refurbishment of the Queen Elizabeth Hall, Purcell Room and Hayward Gallery complex to create a world-class cultural centre for the 21st century, by providing more art for more people in better spaces.

The proposals, by architects Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios, include the refurbishment and renewal of the existing s buildings and the creation of major new art spaces including a new glass pavilion, a new central foyer and a new liner building. The project was put on hold before planning was submitted.

The Fire Surgery was responsible for providing fire engineering services for this project. As a part of the fire strategy, the phased evacuation from the glass pavilion and liner building was tested using evacuation modelling to design the most optimal size of the escape stairs.

The Fire Surgery was commissioned to ensure that the proposed maintenance changes are in line with the original intent of the premises' fire stratey and that any proposed changes are made no worse.

The project involved the reinstatement, refurbishment and extension of the school following a fire which badly damaged the original Victorian building in A new assembly hall large enough for whole school events has been carved out of the existing building.

Due to the arrangement of the open central stair, a fire strategy was developed to include a horizontal evacuation approach. This allowed for the use of class rooms adjacent to the escape stairs as places of refuge for holding classes full of children before they are guided safely out of the building.

The project includes filling in a colonnade to improve the streetscape of Charing Cross Road and enhancing Newport Court, an important pedestrian route into Chinatown. The building at 33 Holborn is a commercial office building comprising 3 basement levels, ground and 8 floors above ground.Is this your first application to the Heritage Lottery Fund?

No 3a Project plan Please read the programme application guidance for more information. You will need to create your own project plan and attach it as a supporting document at the end of this form.

A template document can also be found on the HLF website. The project brought forward in this decision is the Feltham Town Centre Implementation Plan (£50,), including associated project scoping studies. The scope and justification for the project has been presented and approved by the Chairman of the Mayor’s Design Advisory Group.

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HLF Planning - Commercial and Residential planning consultants. residential schemes. It shares frontages with both the Proposals for a major project to improve the park have secured HLF grant and permissions. Other opportunities include; enhancement of the River seat venue managed by a new business entity under the guidance of the Council.

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