Hospital case study for e business

In the end, the Trust that runs this hospital and another one, which was included in the project reduced its carbon footprint, cut its energy bills and made headway in clearing a massive maintenance backlog. Between them, the two hospitals had around 4, staff members, over beds and departments such as the emergency unit that serviced as many aspatients each year.

Hospital case study for e business

In the not-too-distant past, healthcare leaders in the midst of constructing a new facility may have decided against adding too many windows in patient areas because of the additional cost. Today, many organizations are deliberately spending more on additional windows because natural light has been shown to improve the healing process—and reduce length of stay and associated costs.

Welcome to patient-centered facility design, which incorporates research on architectural and engineering approaches that positively affect patient outcomes. Patient-centered design is a part of evidence-based design, which also incorporates staff-efficient and energy-efficient features, says Ellen Taylor, director of research, The Center for Health Design, a Concord, Calif.

Indeed, a growing body of research has demonstrated the impact of patient-centered design on clinical outcomes.

A literature review highlights numerous studies showing a strong correlation between reduced hospital-acquired infections and such design elements as large, single patient rooms and improved indoor air quality Zimring, C. Evidence-based design is also proving to be good business.

Hospital case study for e business

However, an ROI was achieved in just three years, due to cost savings from reductions in patient falls, lengths of stay, and energy use see the exhibits below. But it still could not meet the technology, service, and care delivery demands of the 21st century.

Inthe health system embarked on creating an entirely new facility. To guide decision making for virtually every aspect of design and construction, Princeton HealthCare System leaders developed a set of principles that focus on goals such as reducing complications, improving clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction, and reducing operating costs.

The new ,square-foot facility, which opened in Mayfeatures many elements that center on improving clinical outcomes and the patient experience. In addition, nursing stations are decentralized, allowing nurses quicker access to patients. The best examples of patient-centered design can be found in the private patient rooms, which include various patient safety features and were designed to be virtually identical.

To test and prepare for the new design, two rooms in the old hospital facility were transformed into functional model rooms for the new facility.


The model rooms were in operation for about one year. Based on what was learned, about changes were made to the design of patient rooms in the new facility, including: To minimize patient falls, the bed and bathroom are now positioned to improve ease of access, and handrails around the room enable patients to more easily walk from one place to another.

All-glass windows cover much of one wall in the rooms, enabling healing natural light to flow into the room. To reduce infections, fresh air is drawn from the outdoors and filtered before being pumped into patient areas. Supply cabinets, located inside the rooms, can also be accessed from a hallway door to help ease supply stocking and reduce the number of people entering the patient room, which enhances privacy and helps reduce infection risk and noise levels.

Window coverings, furniture upholstery, and carpeting are made from antimicrobial materials to reduce the potential for infection. Even the televisions in patient rooms serve multiple duties.

The flat-screen monitors, which are attached to the wall opposite the bed, can be used for viewing entertainment as well as health-education programming, such as videos on hip replacement rehabilitation. The computer also periodically asks patients to rate their pain levels.

Plus, physicians can access imaging tests from the monitors to show patients their results. The health system has experienced significant improvements in clinical and financial metrics since opening the new hospital in A host of factors, from better employee training on policies and procedures to new technology, have contributed to these results.

But, Rabner says, patient-centered design has played a significant role. UMCPP now has one of the lowest fall rates, infection rates, and day avoidable readmissions in the state see the exhibit.

Patients also like what they see. Inthe year before moving into the new facility, UMCPP ranked in the 61st percentile in patient satisfaction in its New Jersey peer group.View Case Study > St. Bernard's Medical Center ED Recognized with VHA Award With more than 50, patients coming to the emergency department annually, this central Arkansas hospital partnered with EmCare to reduce wait times, LOS and LWOBS percentages.

Hospital case study for e business

In this healthcare business intelligence case study, see how Jefferson Medical Center uses business intelligence software at the hospital to improve productivity and patient care.

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Case Study On “Hospital Management System” Introduction: In recent times, health care concept of the people has undergone a tremendous change which has led to higher expectations and an increased demand for high quality medical care and facilities.

Case Studies | Healthier Hospitals Initiative Using an organization-wide approach, Spectrum Care applied the new framework to all service areas and activities. Within two years after landing his first job, he received two promotions and tripled his salary.
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The case studies in this section provide visibility into how and where sustainability fits within the modern health care organization. They have been developed as a practical resource to help guide the development and implementation of a successful sustainability program, particularly as it relates to the HH Challenge areas.

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