How youtube has changed the way

Nonetheless, it was only 10 years ago this week, on April 23,that YouTube posted its first user-uploaded video. It was a second clip called " Me at the Zoo ," uploaded by site co-creator Jawed Karim, showing him commenting on his own visit to the elephant exhibit at the San Diego Zoo.

How youtube has changed the way

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While its worth noting YouTube was not the first video hosting platform, they were the one that managed to bring it to the masses and as a result, the platform has had a profound impact on mediaadvertising, politics, music, pop-culture, and individuals across the globe.

They all aired on TV, but were seared into memory through our repeat watches on YouTube. At the time people thought it was the dumbest move that Google had ever made. YouTube was being hammered with lawsuits.

There was rampant speculation that YouTube was months from going under—unable to cover the heavy bandwidth costs and lawsuits coming in from the biggest media conglomerates from around the world. It makes sense, in it was estimated that YouTube used as much bandwidth as the entire Internet in For years YouTube was plagued by rumors that it would be shuttered because of high overhead, lawsuits, and lack of advertising.

The platform is the second largest search engine. YouTube is capturing the attention of over 1 billion visitors to the site each month, and people are creating and promoting content at a furious pace.

How youtube has changed the way

Today over hours of video are uploaded to YouTube each minute. With thousands of videos being uploaded every second, and over hours uploaded each minute its clear content distribution has been become available to everyone. At the same time competition is fierce.

Only time will tell how that works out. Meanwhile, this generation of YouTubers has proven to be adept at long-form and short-form. Machinima the production style, not the MCN became mainstream after YouTube arrived, and today a cursory look at the top channels on YouTube reveals an abundance of gaming inspired content.

Data about the sheer volume of video game content on YouTube is limited, but back in June ofYouTube revealed that over 35, Minecraft-related videos were uploaded that month alone.

YouTube is on the verge of buying Twitch. TVand the top brands on YouTube are gaming companies. YouTube revived the music video which was on the brink of disappearing entirely and gave bands an opportunity to make a name for themselves and make money through videos once more.

Music videos were being phased out. With YouTube, music videos became relevant once again and brought in ad dollars for musicians. Ok Go exploded on to the scene and soon brands brands flocked to artists and happily foot the bill for music videos in order to be to be aligned with the hottest artists.

The rise of streaming music services and torrents lead to the proliferation of free music. YouTube allowed artists to make more money giving away their music.

The series of eight short films by high-profile directors were produced for, and released online, introducing branded content to the digital age.

The move made waves within the advertising world, but it would be years before other brands would follow suit. With the launch of YouTube, digital video was accessible, it was cheap, and it was highly shareable.

It quickly became apparent to advertisers what content people cared about and what content had previously been propped up by TV. As a result we got some great entertainment and plenty of duds along the way. Today, brands are still struggling to find the secret formula for success.Youtube has definitely changed over the years--not only in appearance, but in content, as well.

It seems like such a long time ago when Shane Dawson videos were the shit and challenge videos ruled the tube. That was the standard of entertainment on Youtube. information has quickly changed the society, has influenced people's ways of living and ways of working. Modern information system relies on technical part including information technology and information contents such as people's activities including decision making, management and support operations.

It's hard to believe that YouTube is just 10 years old. It seems like it's been around forever, and it's difficult to recall how we ever lived without it. Despite its abuses, many people believe that the advent of YouTube has been good for democracy.

It allows users to report on events while they unfold, as during the Arab . 5 Ways YouTube Has Changed The World Forever When Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawad Karim founded YouTube in there's no way they could have . But YouTube has not just become a repository for the best commercials, it has actually changed the nature of marketing.

“The truth is, on YouTube, people are not interested in brands at all,” says George Prest, executive creative director at the ad agency R/GA London, and the man who created John Lewis’s first ever TV advert back in

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