Intermediate sanctions and shock probation essay

Rehabilitation Essay Rehabilitation Essay There are four main philosophies of punishment: A historical review of the correctional system demonstrates that the popularity of the goals come and go with changing times and changing sociopolitical landscapes. Despite this, the goal of rehabilitation was reaffirmed in the s and continues to be a leading philosophy of corrections.

Intermediate sanctions and shock probation essay

The idea is that shock probation can be used on either first time offenders or petty offenders who have escalated in criminality in order to show them the reality of prison life without prolonged exposure.

A typical term of incarceration in a shock probation sentence is 30 days or less" Broemmel, Shock probation began in Ohio in This pilot program involved 4, prisoners who served only the initial 60 to 90 days of their original sentences Pasquesi, This initial program showed some success, which led to other jurisdictions adopting shock probation programs.

This led to Kentucky and Indiana adopting shock probation programs in the s Pasquesi, Other jurisdictions followed suit, and currently those states as well as Georgia, Texas, Alabama, Iowa, and Maine have shock probation programs Pasquesi, Even more significantly, any jurisdiction can have informal shock probation, as a judge can structure the sentence in a way that mimics shock probation.

How it Works Many judges are reluctant to give probation to first-time offenders for fear that doing so will reinforce the idea that criminal behavior will be tolerated and encourage recidivism.

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However, prison space is also limited in many jurisdictions, so that it is not realistic for a judge to sentence an offender to the desired sentence. Moreover, there is a concern that putting an offender in prison long-term may actually encourage rather than discourage further criminality.

Shock probation is meant to expose an offender to the "trauma of incarceration" without requiring them to suffer "its long-term ill effects" Pasquesi, Shock probation is a form of split sentencing. In fact, almost all states allow parole as a possibility for most offenses, which means that almost all convictions are actually split sentencing.

Shock probation is a form of split sentencing, but does not encompass all of split sentencing. Also, shock probation includes a required pre-release program as well as an additional appearance before the judge" Pasquesi, In fact, one of the elements about shock probation that differentiates it from the traditional sentencing process is that the defendant is generally involved in seeking the punishment.

Generally, one must be a first-time offender convicted of a non-violent felony or misdemeanor to seek shock probation Pasquesi, Furthermore, sex offenders are not eligible for shock probation, though, of course it is important to keep in mind that the determination of whether one is a sex offender is not based on the underlying allegations but upon the crime for which one has been convicted Pasquesi, Shock probation can occur in a number of different ways; the jury can recommend shock probation for a defendant; the judge can order shock probation, or the defendant can petition the sentencing judge for shock probation instead of extended incarceration Pasquesi, Generally, shock probation does not result in incarceration in a traditional prison.

Instead, they frequently use boot camps in lieu of prison settings. After successfully completing this program days longthe prisoner reappears before the judge to be sentenced to probation.

During this hearing, the terms of probation are set and the prisoner is released into the community" Pasquesi, Once the prisoner is released on probation, the terms of the probation are the same as the terms one would generally encounter on probation, but, due to the brevity of the time served, the probationary period often exceeds what the probationary period following other sentences Pasquesi, Moreover, it is important to understand that shock probation is not a suspended sentence or judgment.

For shock probation to work, a judge has to be selective and really consider the merits of each individual defendant prior to determining whether shock probation is a valid option.

Judges already do and should engage in cost-benefit analysis when making sentencing decisions; the scarcity of resources in the criminal justice system dictates that they do so Branham, However, judges may not be the best professionals to engage in this cost benefit analysis.

Instead, it may be appropriate for sentencing professionals to develop pre-sentence reports aimed at gathering the type of information that judges need to have in order to make decisions about punishment, particularly about shock probation Branham, Ensuring that judges are informed about individual defendants does not subvert the legislative process by evading mandatory sentencing procedures, but provides for exactly the type of specificity mandated by those guidelines.About.

About Answers; Community Guidelines; Leaderboard; Knowledge Partners; Points & Levels. This is called intermediate sanctions, which are the various new correctional options used as adjuncts to and part of probation. Some intermediate sanctions include restitution, fines, day fines, community service, intensive supervised probation, house arrest, electronic monitoring, and shock incarceration.

Read this essay on Intermediate Sanctions. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Split sentencing and shock probation are both design to deterred crime. However, there are some differences between the two.

Split sentencing is a combination of sentence including incarceration and probation time.

Intermediate sanctions and shock probation essay

Intermediate. Jun 04,  · News about probation and parole. Commentary and archival information about probation and parole from The New York Times. CJ Final Exam. STUDY. PLAY. Caesar Beccaria "CB" - Wrote essay: On crimes & Punishment (being more human) Intermediate sanctions.

Shock probation - Beyond scared straight. Split sentence: Sentence split into two parts. First is incarceration, second may be probation. Take-home essay. discussions. Class participation and Attendance Rubric. Essay Rubric Assess the use of accelerated or “shock” programs as intermediate sanctions.

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