Jane addams and her impact society

When they finally decided on a house, it was named the Hull House.

Jane addams and her impact society

As witnessed by the many biographical accounts of Addams compared to the relatively few comprehensive considerations of her philosophy, her personal exploits often overshadow her intellectual contributions. Nevertheless, as an American pragmatist, Addams valorized experience making it appropriate to recount, at least briefly, her life story.

Her childhood reflected the material advantage of being the daughter of a politician and successful mill owner, John Addams.

When Jane was two years old, her mother, Mary, died giving birth to her ninth child. Subsequently, the precocious Addams doted upon her father and in return benefited emotionally and intellectually from his attention. Addams became part of a generation of women that were among the first in their family to attend college.

At Rockford, she experienced the empowerment of living in a women-centered environment and she blossomed as an intellectual and as a social leader.

Her classmates and teachers acknowledged this leadership. Ultimately, Addams spearheaded an effort to bring baccalaureate degrees to the school, and, after serving as class valedictorian, received the first one. She made a failed attempt at medical school and then slipped into a nearly decade-long malaise over the direction of her life.

The energy and spirit of her undergraduate college experience did not translate into any clear career path, given that she had rejected both marriage and the religious life. As a member of the privileged class, her soul searching included a trek to Europe, which Addams made twice during this period.

On the second trip she visited Toynbee Hall, a pioneering Christian settlement house in London, which was to inspire her in a direction that propelled her toward international prominence TYH Toynbee Hall was a community of young men committed to helping the poor of London by living among them.

After visiting Toynbee Hall, Addams was rejuvenated by the idea of a scheme to replicate the settlement in the United States. She enlisted a college friend, Ellen Gates Starr in the plan.

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There was very little by way of specific directions for what the settlement would be other than a good neighbor to oppressed peoples. A suitable location in a devastatingly poor Chicago immigrant neighborhood was found and on September 18,Hull House opened its doors.

Working amidst one of the greatest influxes of immigrants the United States has ever known, Hull House quickly became an incubator for new social programs. Without any formal ideological or political constraints, the settlement workers responded to the needs of the neighborhood by starting project after project.

The list of projects started at Hull House is astounding, including the first little theatre and juvenile court in the United States and the first playground, gymnasium, public swimming pool and public kitchen in Chicago.

The work of Hull House residents would result in numerous labor union organizations, a labor museum, tenement codes, factory laws, child labor laws, adult education courses, cultural exchange groups, and the collection of neighborhood demographic data.

Hull House was truly a dynamo of progressive initiatives, all of which Addams oversaw. The reputation of the settlement rapidly grew and women, mostly college educated, from all over the country, came to live and work at Hull House. Although Hull House was co-educational, it was clearly a woman-identified space.The life and work of Jane Addams (), founder of Hull House and Nobel Peace Prize winner, demonstrated the ethics and values that became the basis of the year-old social work profession..

Addams established both Hull House and the American settlement house movement in on Chicago’s West Side after being inspired by her . Jane Addams is known for Hull House - Jane Addams and her impact on society Essay Sample introduction.

located in Chicago. IL. IL. While this isn’t her lone part to society during her life.

Jane addams and her impact society

this is the one part that has likely made the biggest impact on society. Jane Addams is known for Hull House. located in Chicago.

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IL. While this isn’t her lone part to society during her life. this is the one part that has likely made the biggest impact on society. Aug 21,  · Addams publicized Hull-House and the causes she believed in by lecturing and writing.

In her autobiography, 20 Years at Hull-House (), she . > Jane Addams and her impact on society. Jane Addams was born on September 6, in Escadrille, Illinois, to a wealthy family.

Her mother died when she was three years old. Her father was a Quaker who ran a mill and was also a state senator. As a small child, Jane wanted to be a doctor but there were only two fields that were acceptable. Tweet Jane Addams Settlement work in North America: Jane Addams () was born in Cedarville, Illinois in a well-off Quaker family.

After her studies, she visited Toynbee Hall in London and was inspired to develop a very similar initiative in Chicago in

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