Leadership and management styles essays

Leadership has been defined in several ways throughout the years. Many hold fast to the belief that there is no such thing as a born leader, and leadership is an acquired trait that begins early in childhood. For example, some children develop a take-charge attitude; some children are able to make friends easily, while others are just content to be a part of something.

Leadership and management styles essays

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The one with the smallest score definitely means they are least preferred co-workers. Now, task-oriented leaders usually rate employees negatively giving them low score and so turn to have low least preferred co-workers and relationship-oriented leaders turn to have high least preferred workers by rate positively giving high score.

To continue, leaders can implement a particular leadership style based on the situation. Fielder said this can happen when a particular situation is favorable or unfavorable. A favorable situation could occur when you have a team that has confidence and trust in you as a leader, when a task is well structured and defined and when you can exercise power to reward and punish team members.

An unfavorable situation could be when faced with an unstructured task, lack of trust from employees etc. Lastly, a leader who is faced with a favorable situation will turn to be task-oriented and a leader faced with unfavorable situation will turn to a relationship-oriented. In this unfavorable situation, a leader with a relationship-oriented behavior will Leadership and management styles essays the most effective to make sure this trust and confidence is rebuild amongst team members.

To proceed, management on the other hand is being defined as the art of getting work done through people in formally organized groups Harold Koontz Management based on the importance of individuals focusing to achieve to an objective through a coordinated effort.

According to most management scholars, there are four basic management functions that need to be strictly followed to achieve a goal. These functions are planning, organizing, directing or leading and controlling. In addition, we are going to look at the components of effective leadership and management styles and how it could be applied to a manufacturing company Tiger Tire.

Tiger Tire is a multinational company based in Japan with its headquarters in Hong Kong.

Furthermore, some major components leadership and management styles in Tiger Tire include; Vision driven; this means that all companies imagine what they seek to become in the future long-term.

The vision of a global company should be unique so as to distinct it from its competitors. Honesty and Integrity; in Tiger Tire both leadership and management styles ensures to create an organizational culture built on these core values in which employees are held accountable for.

Leaders and Managers of a global company where ever, should promote what the organization stands for. The reputation of the organization should be a concern to them. A successful application of these virtues will yield benefits for the organization globally.

Communication skills, leadership and management styles go a long way in terms of communication. Leaders or managers should have the ability to communicate effectively with it subordinates globally. When operating on a global scale, leaders and managers should update employees with information of what is expected of them in order to achieve stated goals of the organization.

To proceed, communication is defined as an act of connecting people and places in which information, ideas, thoughts and feelings are being shared to reach mutual understanding.

There are 6 elements of effective communication, which are; encoder, message, channel, barriers, decoder, feedback, MbahKaram , leading through communicating, page These ideas and feelings are being expressed through signs and symbols or through words of mouth.

This means that a leader can either communicate verbally oral and written or non-verbally. Some components of verbal communication include; meetings, video conferencing, telephone, email, letters instant messaging etc. While non-verbal communication elements include; body movements, facial expression and physical distance.In this paper, will define and discuss the meaning of leadership, identify the efferent types of management styles and identify the benefits and/or drawbacks to each.

Leadership Assessment Styles Melissa M. Bunting Strayer University Business Management Professor Monique Baucham August 7, The Authoritarian Leadership Style is characterized by a leader who makes all the decisions and passes the directives to subordinates who are expected to carry these out under very close supervision.

Leadership Styles and Their Effect on CEOs Leadership Style and Their Effect on CEOs LaKisha Feggins November 21, Leadership Styles and Their Effect on CEOs Abstract The purpose of this essay is to analyze, compare, and contrast the leadership styles of two influential CEOs.

Leadership style has been shown to be a major factor in the effectiveness of the organization, and different leadership styles are sometimes more effective in different situations.

DuBrin, Ireland, and Williams () note that effective organizational leaders are generally consistent in the way /5(20).

Leadership and management styles essays

Abstract This report explains how the leadership styles suit individual member of a team. It also disuses the advantages and disadvantages of leadership styles and offers suggestions in what situation the company managers should choose to alter their leadership styles. MANAGEMENT STYLES Managers have to perform many roles in an organization and how they handle various situations will depend on their style of management.A management style is an overall method of leadership used by a manager.

Various management styles can be employed dependent on the culture of the business, the nature of the task, the nature of the workforce and the personality and skills of.

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