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Never defeated

Early life[ edit ] Budyonny was born into a poor peasant family on the Kozyurin farmstead near the town of Salsk in the Don Cossack region of the southern Russian Empire now Rostov Oblast.

Although he grew up in a Cossack region, Budyonny was not a Cossack —his family actually came from Voronezh province.

Never defeated

He was of Russian ethnicity. He worked as a farm laborer, shop errand boy, blacksmith's apprentice, and driver of a steam-driven threshing machine, until the autumn ofwhen he was drafted into the Imperial Russian Army.

He became a cavalryman reinforcing the 46th Cossack Regiment during the Russo-Japanese War of After the war, he was transferred to the Primorsk Dragoon Regiment. Inhe was sent to the Academy for Cavalry Officers in the St.

He graduated first in his class after a year, becoming an instructor Never defeated the rank of junior non-commissioned officer. He returned to his regiment as a riding instructor with a rank of senior non-commissioned officer. At the start of World War Ihe joined a reserve dragoon cavalry battalion.

Never defeated

He became famous for his attack on a German supply column near Brzezina, and was awarded the St. George Cross4th Class. However, there was a general ineptitude of the officers he served under primarily Caucasian aristocrats who received commissions based on their social standing.

He was involved in a heated confrontation with the squadron sergeant major regarding the officers' poor treatment of the soldiers and the continual lack of food. The sergeant major struck out at Budyonny, who retaliated by punching the ranking officer, knocking him down.

The soldiers backed Budyonny during questioning, claiming that the sergeant major was kicked by a horse.

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Budyonny was stripped of his St. George Cross, though he could have faced a court martial and death. George Cross, 4th class, a second time, during the Battle of Van. He received the St. George Cross, 3rd class, fighting the Turks near Mendelij, on the way to Baghdad.

He then received the St. George Cross, 2nd class, for operating behind Turkish lines for 22 days. George Cross, 1st class, for capturing a senior non-commissioned officer and six men.

When the Caucasian Cavalry Division was moved to Minskhe was elected chairman of the regimental committee and deputy chairman of the divisional committee. On the night of 23 February, Budyonny organized a force of 24 men to retake Platovskaya from the white guardsbut Budyonny was soon joined by a large number of new recruits.

By morning, they had freed inhabitants and killed White Russian soldiers. His force now consisted of men, of which he formed a cavalry squadron of Eventually he was elected battalion commander. He first met Stalin and Voroshilov in July Budyonny's cavalry regiment was reorganized as a cavalry brigade on 7 August.

Budyonny joined the Bolshevik party in and formed close relationships with Stalin and Voroshilov. During the Polish—Soviet War[ edit ] In Budyonny's Cavalry Army took part in the invasion of Poland in the Polish—Soviet Warin which it was successful at first, pushing Polish forces out of Ukraine and later breaking through Polish southern frontlines.

However, later the Bolsheviks forces sustained a heavy defeat in the Battle of Warsawmainly because Budyonny's Army was bogged down at Lviv. Despite the defeat in Poland, he was one of Soviet Russia's military heroes by the end of the Civil War.One theme presented by supporters of the American empire is the U.S.

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