Recent trends in commerce education in india

View the full report here. India is a massive E-Commerce marketplace now with every age group comfortably transacting online — more often preferring shopping online instead of visiting offline stores for a bigger gamut of choices and offers. E-Commerce industry is growing at an astounding rate in India and is expected to account for 1.

Recent trends in commerce education in india

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Share A number of new trends have emerged on the Indian education scene and a number of modern ideas are floating around. These ideas promise to transform Indian education. Shobhit Goyal, Secretary, Quantum University, observes these new trends and the underlying reasons for their emergence.

Outcome Based Learning and Skill Development: Increasingly, new and mindboggling discoveries are being made which straddle multiple disciplines.

Recent trends in commerce education in india

Subject areas are increasingly becoming dependent on a multiplicity of fields. Consequently single disciplines are being rendered difficult and require an interdisciplinary aptitude for assimilating and application. This is however not achieved with contemporary educational landscape which is steeped in theoretical learning andage old curricula with a chilling irreverence for experimental-application based education.

A number of studies have confirmed it. These glaring figures highlighting skills gapand unemployment exhort us to overhaul the education system and replace it with something which streamlines our education. Interdisciplinary Education Interdisciplinary education aims to achieve skill development thus lowering the skill gap.

The most salient feature of this learning paradigm is to embrace the disparate features to bolster multidimensional learning experience. The pedagogy aims and delivers education in such a manner that the students can confidentially execute tasks that form the core of a particular domain.

This leads to better professional avenues and development. Moreover the building up of specialized skill increases the chances to move in the field of research and development.

Thus interdisciplinary learning helps acquire the ability to deliver goal based education.

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The inherent structure of the educational pedagogy enables easily expansion of a particular skill set to a number of allied multidisciplinary disciplines. The students can not only adapt to new situations but can see themselves graduating to new levels of expertise in the core subjects.

This entails easily scalable skills and employability in corporate-industrial domain. Advantages An interdisciplinary education equipswide ranging creative and critical thinking augmenting lateral thinking, analytical reasoning,interpersonal ability, communication skills, ethical perspectives, cultural literacyand global perspectives.

The greatest skill it endows is an orientation toapplication ofknowledge mostly motivated through hands on work training and real-world experiences. It helps students to be sensitized to socio-economic, political and environment issues building a deeper relationship with the world around.

A student learning via this approach not only emerges as a capable professional but also a responsible citizen with wide ranging sensibilities. Earning credits entitle Major and minor degrees.

A Major is a specialization in a particular discipline. A Minor is a subject allied to the core subject pursued in the Major or a subject of general interest. Thus it presents the students a spectrum of choice. Pedagogy The interdisciplinary pedagogy is a unique strength.

It works on the principle that all learners are different with individual talents and lacunae.Despite recent political and economic turmoil, Thailand continues to be a consumer force to be reckoned with. The country’s overall growth is slow compared with that of rapidly developing economies, such as India and Vietnam.

Online retail sales in India from to (in billion U.S. dollars) Online retail sales in India Retail e-commerce sales in India from to (in million U.S.

Recent trends in commerce education in india

dollars) India. 5. Commerce Education,, Sultan Chand and Company, New Delhi 6. Emerging Trends in Commerce and Management, Santosh Gupta, Published in University News41 (05) 7.

Recent Trends in Commerce and Management Education, regardbouddhiste.comde, Strling Publishers Private Limited 8. India holds an important place in the global education industry.

India has one of the largest networks of higher education institutions in the world. However, there is still a lot of potential for further development in the education system. Moreover, the aim of the government to raise its current.

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