Research business opportunities

Where applicable, a project is considered as such until the end of construction and ramp-up to full capacity with the exception of mining projects, where the date of commissioning signifies the end of the project. Projects must have a: If original contracts cannot be obtained, information is taken from public documents, presentations, news articles from BNamericas archives, and external sources.

Research business opportunities

In the NRC Research Associateship Programs, prospective applicants select a research project or projects from among a large group of Research Opportunities available through this website.

Prior to completing an application, prospective applicants should contact the Research Adviser listed with the selected Research Opportunity ies to assure that funding will be available if the application is recommended by NRC Research Associateship Programs panels.

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Once a host laboratory and Research Adviser are identified and the applicant has contacted the proposed Research Adviser, an application is submitted through the NRC Research Associateship Programs online application system. Reviews are conducted four times each year, and review results are available to applicants six to eight weeks following the application deadline.

Prospective applicants should carefully read the details and eligibility of the program to which they are applying. Some laboratories have citizenship restrictions open only to U. When searching for Research Opportunities, applicants may limit their search to only those laboratories which match their eligibility criteria.

In addition, applicants should note application deadlines, as not all laboratories participate in all reviews.Research Opportunities DEOMI STEM Internship Program The DEOMI STEM Internship Program's goal is to encourage high school, college, and graduate level students to enter into STEM-related careers in the Department of Navy (DoN) or the Department of Defense (DoD) .

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Research business opportunities

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