Road not taken

Explain how a series of chapters, scenes, or stanzas fits together to provide the overall structure of a particular story, drama, or poem. Sometimes, poems have messages that are not clearly stated—we call this in implied meaning. Readers can visualize or create pictures of what is happening like a movie in their minds to help them understand what the author is trying to say.

Road not taken

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost is quite a popular poem; unfortunately however, its popularity comes mainly from the simple act of misreading. With this poem, Frost has given the world a piece of writing that every individual can relate to, especially when it comes to the concept of choices and opportunities in life.

On the other hand, if the poem is reviewed, it is quite obvious that it has fairly the opposite connotation. We basically find ourselves observing a very important moment, where he has to Road not taken a decision that is evidently difficult for him.

Lines three through five, express that the individual is trying to see as far as he can down each road, to help him decide which one he should choose to take. Analysis This stanza introduces the dilemma that every human faces, not once, but multiple times in his or her life; the dilemma of choice.

We as people go through many circumstances and experiences in our lives, and one of them is choosing between two or more paths. We experience this literally: And like the character in the poem, often times, we are disappointed that we cannot hold on to, and experience the consequences of every opportunity that is presented to us.

In order to gain some things in life, we must let others go.

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Stanza 2 Summary In this second stanza, lines six through eight: The diction in this stanza portrays the uncertainty of the character as he tries to justify to himself that his decision is the right one for him; and much like anyone else, he is clearly trying to realistically weigh the outcomes of both roads.

This underlines the nature of people in general, that we will always choose the path which seems attractive and is of interest to us, even if both paths have equal potential of getting us to wherever it is we are headed. No matter where we end up, and how informed, tempting and satisfying our choices were, we will always wonder the what if-s and the could have been-s of the other opportunities that we left behind.

Stanza 3 Summary In this third stanza, Robert Frost mentions in lines eleven and twelve that in the moment that this individual was making his decision, both paths were nearly identical. No one had stepped through to disturb the leaves on both roads.

Line thirteen is an important point in this poem as this is when the individual finalizes his decision of leaving the other road, for perhaps another time.

Road not taken

Analysis This stanza shows us that this character is truly being honest with himself, as he makes the crucial decision of which road to take. His honesty is a reality check as well as a means of making a final decision.

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These experiences then leave marks in the choices that we have, these marks then form our bias towards or against that path. After making his decision, he exclaims that he will leave the first choice for another day, and then he honestly tells himself that if he lets this road go now, there is no coming back.

That is where the regret of not exploring our other options disturbs us. Stanza 4 Summary In this last stanza, lines sixteen and seventeen, the individual predicts that one day far into the future, he knows will tell the story of this decision that he is now making.

Lines eighteen and nineteen expose that he intends to lie, and claim he took the road that was less travelled in reality both were equally travelled.About “The Road Not Taken” One of the most widely quoted poems ever written, “The Road Not Taken” was completed in and first published in Frost’s volume Mountain Interval ().

Road not taken

“The Road Not Taken” is one of Robert Frost’s most popular and memorable works published in The poem puts forward the point that no matter what choice one may make, even a good choice, one will still look back and wonder what would have happened with a different decision.

Sep 11,  · “The Road Not Taken” may be, as the critic Frank Lentricchia memorably put it, “the best example in all of American poetry of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.” But we could go further: It may be the best example in all of American culture of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Road Not Taken is brought to life with gorgeous 2D artwork, expressively charming sprite design, and an evocative, atmospheric soundtrack. Every puzzle is a challenge of exploration and strategy, testing players to think before taking each step USD. - The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost In Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken," (reprinted in Laurence Perrine and Thomas R.

Arp, Sound and Senses, 8th ed. [San Diego: Harcourt, ] 23) the speaker stands in the woods, considering a fork in the road. “The Road Not Taken” is one of Robert Frost’s most familiar and most popular poems.

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