Sociology a2 revision 2012 3

The "dark triad" of three personality traits: Sometimes called "dark personality.

Sociology a2 revision 2012 3

Using material from Item B and elsewhere, assess sociological explanations of ethnic differences both in offending and in victimisation. Then there is the Neo-Marixst perspective which argues that ethnic minority crime is overplayed and used as a way to assert ruling class hegemony. Vicimisation wise, ethnic minorities are often at the brunt of racially aggrivated attacks or other crimes because they are being turned upon by the ruling classes and the structure of wider society.

The first view of why ethnic minorities appear to commit more crime is that of the Neo-Marxists. Neo-Marxist sociologists like Hall et al might argue that ethnic minority crime is vastly over played in an attempt to get the working classes and other social classes in society to turn against them and forget that the ruling classes are oppressing them.

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This way the ruling class can maintain their rule without question. For example, back before there was a moral panic about a new type of crime; black muggings. This was mugging but with black people directly responsible for it.

The media portrayed the image of the black mugger and said that rates of this crime were on the increase and that people should be afraid.

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Although the sociologists has said that ethnic minorities do tend to cause more crime because they are often in the more deprived culturally and materially areas and so this is a neccessity. By saying black people commit more crime more of the countries attention will be on black people and their crime and so attention will be diverted off of the oppression they face on a daily basis from the higher classes.

In the decade where this happened the ruling class hegemony was restored. For instance Hall claims that there was a moral panic over the increase of black muggings and that black people were seen to be criminal, but then says that more black people than white people commit crime because black people and ethnic minorities are more likely to in situations where crime may be necessary.

Which asks the question on whether black crime really did increase because of more poverty that they were facing. It could be argued that if this is true and the ruling classes are trying to divide the working class in terms of race, why would they only choose black people over asian people?

It is not plausable that they would only be racist to one ethnic group rather than them all. So perhaps it is not the ruling class but just an increase in the black ethnic minority otherwise other groups may have appeared to go up to. Another criticism would be to say that today where there seems to be less oppression from the higher classes and where there seems to be less control from the ruling class and more oppertunities, why is there still an increase in black or ethnic minority crime than that of white crime.

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Although it could be argued that even though the ruling classes may not be as prevelant as they were before, they still exist and they still have the power to influence stereotypes and make police arrest them more than white people.

Left realists might argue that in fact the crime increases that the media were reporting back then were justified in that there were real increases and the official statistics were not influenced by the ruling classes but by the black and ethnic minority people committing the offences. Based on this and the victim surveys which say that the offender was more likely to be black than white it is credible to say that ethnic minorities really do commit the crime they are suggested to and it is not some form of ruling class oppression and turning the working classes on themselves.

However on this part it could be argued that police viciously stereotype even after the crime has been reported by the witness or victim. If we take a real life example we can see that a white family in america with an adopted black son called the police because they had been robbed and the burglur was still in the house.

When the police eventually turned up they tackled the black son of the family and tried to arrest him, thinking that the white theif was part of the family. Some might say this is an easy mistake to make because you see a white family and assume because of genes etc that this person is not part of the family.

However this is not the case, this boy was part of the family and the white theif was not.


The statistic on the fact black people were arrested more than 4x more than whites may not be valid at all because of this. This is not to say that these witnesses have had a black attacker but that they too are quick to stereotype offenders. This may explain why when it gets to court Black and Asian people are more likely to be found not guilty and their cases dropped because the only evidence on them is racist and biased.

In terms of victimisation, ethnic minorities are not only victims or crime but of a racist criminal justice system.AQA Sociology, Global Development, 5 June watch. Announcements. Start new discussion Reply TaliTalulla AQA A2 Sociology Beliefs in society, June AQA A2 Geography - GEOG3 (15th June ) AQA A2 BIOL5 22nd June AQA BIOL5 ~ 20th June ~ A2 Biology AQA GCE Geography Unit 3- 7th June Quia Web allows users to create and share online educational activities in dozens of subjects, including German.

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Pupils should be divided into blue and brown eyed pupils. Pupils learn to count one to ten in japanese (or any activity will do) whilst you treat the blue eyed pupils differently- the powerpoint explains the rest!

Sociology a2 revision 2012 3

18 mark question plan; rich keep the poor poor. 1.

Sociology a2 revision 2012 3

Using material from item C and elsewhere, assess the view that the rich countries of the world ‘are deliberately keeping poor countries poor’. 18 -. AQA Sociology A2 and AS revision