The winter of red snow book report

This book was amazing! It was very touching and had lots of joyful moments. Abby is mostly worried about her mother and her new baby brother, because five of her brothers died in infancy and she is afraid for this new baby.

The winter of red snow book report

Kristiana Gregory Grade level: This is a fictional collection of diary entries from a young girl during the Revolutionary War. The author takes you through seven months from the perspective of Abigail Jane Stewart as she experiences the birth of a new brother, a winter of George Washington and his troops living in her town, and the daily life of a colonial girl.

From the description of the dress in the colonial era to the condition of American soldiers as they prepared to fight Britain for the freedom of the colonies.

It is an insight into the effect of war on a family, a community, and a nation. There are details included in the text that I had been unaware of.

Links to Love What was it like to be an eleven-year-old girl living in Valley Forge at the time and watch the ragtag American soldiers stain the snow red with their shoeless, bloody feet as they marched by your cabin to set up camp in the fields down the road? In The Winter of Red Snowauthor Kristiana Gregory takes young readers into the homes of the Valley Forge farmers, into the headquarters of George Washington and his officers, and into the tents of the soldiers.
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For example the celebration of Thanksgiving on December 18th in was a new tradition for Patriots, set forth by congress, to show their support for the country. It was also surprising to hear that women and children followed the army as support.

Wars tend to focus on the men in the army, and it is valuable to know that women were there as well, even in the more horrible situations. Kristiana Gregory captures a portion of the Revolutionary War with this fictional story.

There is much to be learned from the entries that would be interesting for students. As the main character Abby is 11 years old, it is easy to relate to her character. Students will be able to have a more realistic account than a textbook can offer.

I would definitely include this book in my curriculum as a read aloud or an independent read. Create a diary Materials: Even daily accounts can be interesting as they are a reflection of where you are at a certain time.Kristiana Gregory is the bestselling author of many Dear America titles, including THE WINTER OF RED SNOW and its follow-up, CANNONS AT DAWN; ACROSS THE WIDE AND LONESOME PRAIRIE; and SEEDS OF HOPE.

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The Winter of Red Snow by Kristiana Gregory is one of the Reading Kingdom’s recommended books for children. Reading expert and Reading Kingdom creator, Dr. Marion Blank explains why: The Revolutionary War represents an amazing period that has something important to . Related searches: winter ice rain christmas mountain High-quality pictures of snow, all free for you to use.

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The winter of red snow book report
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