Tragic heroes or victims of fate

Many law enforcement agencies across the country enlist the help of K9s when it comes to searching for a missing child or attempting to locate remains. And talk about success…Laila, the Golden Retriever has located 10 victims over the past 4 years! In early July, a 7-year-old child diagnosed with autism, went missing from home.

Tragic heroes or victims of fate

Danielle Propheta Matt and Liz Logelin were the picture-perfect couple. They were high school sweethearts who got married and were expecting their first child. Throughout the pregnancy, they documented everything on their blog for friends and family. The due date arrived and everything was going according to plan and Liz gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

But then tragedy struck out of nowhere. Only a few hours after bringing their beautiful little girl into the world, Liz died.

Tragic heroes or victims of fate

As the pain sunk in, something told Matt to log into the pregnancy blog that he started just before their daughter was born. Read on to find out how his life completely changed after that moment.

Love at First Sight Matt Logelin and Liz Goodman first locked eyes while at a gas station during their high school senior year. From that point, the rest was history. While Liz enrolled at a college in California, Logelin chose to study his sociology degree at the University of Minnesota.

After he made the move, it seemed crystal clear that they were destined to be together forever. Liz worked as a highly driven and motivated executive at Disney, while Logelin was a project manager at the internet search engine company, Yahoo!.

They were a power couple, but their lives were about to get even better. Liz discovered that she was pregnant intwo years after getting married. Adding a little one to their family was naturally the next step.

Fate, however, had a completely different plan for the couple and it was going to change their worlds. A Trying Pregnancy With the incredible news came an equally difficult time for Liz. She experienced such severe morning sickness that her doctors instructed her to be on bed rest for three whole weeks.

It was seven weeks prior to the due date, but they had to act fast.

Tragic heroes or victims of fate

Liz spent a short moment with her newborn baby, but, born premature, she had to be whisked off to the neonatal intensive care unit. The proud parents will continue to update everyone on our beautiful baby. Look forward to even more good news.

In fact, it was just the opposite. A Mother-Daughter Reunion Liz was looking forward to seeing Madeline for the first time since giving birth. After five weeks of bed rest, she took a practice walk around the room in anticipation of seeing her daughter.

The nurses prepared the new mom and, as with most women who have just given birth, placed her in a wheelchair to roll her to NICU where her week premature baby was waiting. Matt Logelin staggered to support his wife, and felt overwhelmed by how heavy she suddenly felt.

And she was never going to hold her baby. It killed her instantly. By the time Logelin had summoned their families to the ward, she was gone. His baby was only source of comfort to him during this sudden loss.

A Bittersweet Reality Logelin felt completely torn after losing his beloved wife. On the one hand, he felt broken after his high school sweetheart of 12 years passed on, but on the other hand he felt complete joy over his newborn child.

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Madeline was his whole world now. After the funeral, he raced to the hospital to hold his baby and feed her from a bottle.

He told The Guardian: Doing it alone had never occurred to me. Torn and Grieving Logelin barely coped through the first few weeks. Every Tuesday he would look at the clock at 3: At times he believed dying would be the only thing to take the pain away, but he never seriously contemplated doing that.

His instincts told him to do something; something that would change both of their lives forever, without even knowing it. Dealing with the Pain The duties of fatherhood were suddenly sprung on Matt Logelin and it all felt like too much.Heroes, Gods and Monsters of the Greek Myths - Kindle edition by Bernard Evslin.

Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Heroes, Gods and Monsters of the Greek Myths.

At the heart of many of the world's most enduring myths and legends is a hero, a man or woman who triumphs over obstacles. Heroes are not all-powerful and immortal beings. Instead they represent the best of what it means to be human, demonstrating great strength, courage, wisdom, cleverness, or devotion.

Essay Topic: Are Romeo and Juliet true tragic heroes or victims of fate? According to the Webster’s New Millennium Dictionary of English, a tragic hero is a literary character who has a fatal flaw that, combined with fate and external forces, brings on a tragedy. A hero (masculine) or heroine (feminine) is a real person or a main character of a literary work who, in the face of danger, combats adversity through feats of ingenuity, bravery or strength; the original hero type of classical epics did such things for the sake of glory and the other hand are Medieval and modern heroes, who perform great deeds .

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Our new, more modern headquarters, at John Carlyle St., will have a very different feel. It features 63, square feet of open space bathed in natural light from ample windows, a two-story lobby with a soaring “HOPE” wall and very few offices – by design. As a follow-up to Tuesday’s post about the majority-minority public schools in Oslo, the following brief account reports the latest statistics on the cultural enrichment of schools in Austria.

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