Writing a news script ks2

A very busy week had by all! I should also add that last Friday Key Stage 3 did really well at their disability sports day - they all had a go at every event, listened really well to what they needed to do. Aside from the amazing sports skills they showed, all of the children showed how supportive they are of each other, cheering each other on and waiting patiently for their turn. On Tuesday at the end of the day one of the County buses broke down and could not be repaired.

Writing a news script ks2

A really wild week.

Grandsire Senior commenter I went to a moderating meeting recently we're marking the writing tests internally which said that the moderators who'll be coming will definitely NOT look at the writing tests themselves as evidence, but we teachers can use the tests to inform our judgements. The moderators can, of course, then question these judgements and ask for evidence, but it seems they will not consider the test scripts themselves as evidence and will not look at them It seemed a bit weird to me - I came away wondering WHY exactly I'm going to be going to the trouble of marking the wretched scripts if I can't use them to show why someone's the level I say they are.

Wish we'd had them marked externally - okay, so the marking quality was variable, but at least someone else was doing it and I had only my normal marking workload to take up my evenings and weekends at a time when I'm also supposed to be writing reports.

Now I feel like I'm going to spend the next few weeks of my life marking test papers for the government - unpaid, too - and at the same time continue to set and mark more extended writing to use as evidence AND try to get my reports done. And Mr Wilshaw thinks I'm not stressed?

Do you think I can get away with scrawling a red lin at the end of each script and writing some random numbers on the front, like the real markers do, or will I need to do as the moderating manager suggests and highlight copies of the markscheme for each individual script and annotate everything, just so that the moderators can just ignore it all?

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All events including our Main Productions, Live Lab, Visiting Theatre, comedy and live music are listed in. Includes writing a playscript, informal letter, diary, poetry and newspaper reports as well as reading and summarising the story of Macbeth at a level for KS2.

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writing a news script ks2

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